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Frequently Asked Questions About MANSHAPE Support Briefs & Supportank

What is the shrinkage rate?
We have conducted many wash & shrinkage tests on all Manshape products. They will shrink from 3-5% so we have added 5% back onto our pattern to allow them to "shrink down" to the desired size. Manshape shrinkage takes place only in the first few washings & will not continue to shrink past that point.

How long do Manshape garments last?
With proper care (following washing instructions, no hot water or dryer, no chlorine bleach), the average wearer gets at least 5+ years (up to 10 years) from Manshape products. The high 35% Dupont Lycra Spandex content gives these garments great recovery properties so that it takes many years before elasticity is diminished.

The Support Brief

Where does "waist high" High-Rise come to?
It obviously depends on the length of your rise, which is the measurement from the center of your crotch to your waist. The average height man, about 5'10", will find that the High-rise Support Briefs will just cover the navel.

Where does the Mid-Rise come to?
Exactly 2" lower than the High-rise It will be about 2" below the navel, about the same position as your regular cotton briefs (like Jockey, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc.).

Why would I buy a a Mid-Rise instead of a High-rise?
It depends upon where you need the most support. Men who either have a short rise (the High-rise would come higher above the waist than they desire) or want lower back support many prefer the Mid-Rise as the High-rise may come higher than they desire.

What size should I buy?
Select a size that corresponds to your measurements on the chart. Our garments are designed to fit very snugly and provide compression. If your measurement falls at the upper end of the range for a size, and you prefer lighter compression, select the next larger size. For example, if you have a 35 1/2" waist, our size M (for waist size 34 to 36) will probably be for you. If your belly (2" below your waist) is larger than your waist, say 39", you would probably be more comfortable in a size ML (38 to 40). It depends on the contours of your body & how much support you want. Bear in mind that Manshape is made of very stretchy material that will not constrict you. It will stretch in & out as you breathe.


What about the pouch?
The pouch is cut to match the contours of your body & should not be constricting in any way more than a soft fabric athletic supporter. Manshape is cut to fit the "average" man.

Will I bulge over the top?
The average man with a bit of "middle age spread", or "lovehandles" find that Manshape holds him in comfortably without an excess bulge. As people age, they tend to get a little "extra gut", mostly below the waist. This is the area Manshape addresses. Along with a little "spread", many people experience low back pain. Manshape is designed to give support to this as well. If your body carries extra weight above the waist, the Supportank is ideal for you. Worn with the Support Brief, you will get "double support" & a sleek look from the sternum (breast bone at the center of chest) to your hip.

How much slimmer will I look?
You can expect up to 2" reduction in your waist depending on the firmness of your muscle & fat layers. Those with a softer flesh tend to get the greatest reduction in waist size. We have tried Manshape on different men & the before-&-after results fluctuate slightly, depending on muscle firmness. Your clothes will fit & drape more smoothly & you will have a sleeker, trimmer appearance in Manshape underwear.

Will the waistband roll, causing discomfort?
We use a special ribbed elastic without uncomfortable wires or monofilament yarns. It is highly resistant to the kind of compression elastic is subject to when bending at the waist in a sitting position. It has the most non-roll resistance of any elastic on the market. You should not have a problem with discomfort.

Can I use Manshape with incontinent pads?
Because our garments fit snugly, they will usually hold an incontinent pad in place.

What if I have a hernia?
We have many customers who use Manshape to support the area of a hernia. The compression of a Manshape Support Brief adds a great deal of comfort & support to the hernia. We also have customers who have had ostomies wear Manshape. If necessary, a hole may be cut in the area of the ostomy device & reinforced at the cut edge.


How long is the Supportank?
Supportank is designed to come to the hip & not tuck into the crotch uncomfortably. Men do not usually need the support below this point.

Do you make a short sleeve T-shirt version of the Supportank?
We experimented with this concept. The result was a T-shirt that was impossible to put on. The bottom spandex section needs to be tight & is much narrower than a regular cotton T-shirt. To engineer a seamed-on top section with sleeves compatible to the bottom will have shoulders too narrow making it a major struggle to pull over one's head. The Supportank has nice wide open armholes which are "cut away" from the shoulders to give plenty of room to put on easily.


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